Remember the days when printing anything was a massive inconvenience? You were not only dealing with an astounding lack of quality, but it was impossible to not become frustrated at the embarrassing lack of speed. It goes without saying that back then, efficiency, and your patience, suffered greatly.

These Modern Printing Techniques Really Stand OutLuckily, we’ve come a long way since computers and yes, printers, were first introduced on the market. It’s stunning what modern printers are able to produce—and so quickly too! It seems that if it can be imagined, it can be not only printed, but reproduced perfectly.

Here are a few printing methods and techniques that have especially stood out to us here at Frank O. Carlson. These are exceptional technological advancements that continue to stun us with their unmatched appearance, no matter what printing surface is:

3D Printing
There are few printing methods today as popular and as stunning as 3D Printing. Not only can you do some amazing things with this method, but it is also relatively easy for you to personally access. Walk into any office supply store, and we’re sure you’ll find a 3D printer that can accomplish your job perfectly.

Multiple Medium Printing
Why print on one medium when you can print on three? That’s what multiple medium printing asks. Want to print a design onto a vinyl record? Done? Need an image to appear on a banner or a piece of cardboard? Any surface is possible with multiple medium printing.

Water Transfer Printing
Also called “hydro printing” this printing method involves placing a pattern onto a special film. Once the pattern is placed, a special activator is sprayed onto the film before it is placed in a tub of water. After a second activator is sprayed onto the film, you simply shake off the excess film under the water, pull it out, and you are done.

This method of printing will give you a vivid image with superior quality. We recommend this printing style if you are looking to print your own design in specific sections, so as not to miss a single detail in the printing process.

DTG Printing
You can really put anything and everything on a t-shirt or a sweatshirt nowadays, and DTG Printing, or direct-to-garment printing, makes it not only possible, but extraordinarily easy. DTG printing allows users to print directly onto any material imaginable—from shorts to leggings, baseball caps to track jackets, nothing is off limits with this printing technique.

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