How to Stay ahead at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a great way for your business to stand out.  With so many other businesses, however, it can be difficult to ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves. Trade Shows can leave the perfect lasting impression if done right.  Other benefits of trade shows include great face-to-face marketing, a targeted consumer demographic, and the ability to gather market knowledge on the industry. It all starts with having the perfect display. Having the right tools to properly showcase your business makes a big difference. Frank O. Carlson & Co. Inc offers digital printing services on a variety of different surfaces and sizes, tailored to your printing needs.  We offer a variety of printing options for your next trade show.  Here are some advantages to different display options.

Banners - There are multiple different banners options. A hanging banner is a banner that hangs over your display. This gives the appearance that your company is flying above the rest. A retractable banner is about the height of a person, so this option gives the consumer your information at eye level.  Because this option is retractable, this banner is very portable to take to and from the trade show.  For more options or to find a banner for you, call our office to speak with our professionals. Investing in a great banner can be used again and again for trade shows in the future

Invisilock Magnetic Media
The perfect way to display your ad on a wall. This three-layered system maximizes the space and brings your ad to life.  Visual Magnetics is the best way to display your ad without nails or glue. 

Frank O Carlson & Co.

Frank O. Carlson & Co. Inc is based in Chicago and proud to serve digital printing services to the USA. Frank O. Carlson & Co., Inc. has been a part of many phases of the printing and signage world as it has evolved from hand lettering to silk screen, to vinyl die cut letters and now to a completely digital shop with the state of the art printing machines. As the requests of our customers have grown so have our services. As all companies, we offer a wide variety of substrates to meet the requirements of our customers, such as vinyl, acrylic, sintra, dibond, foamcore, cardstock and more that are able to be printed directly. Our machines print sizes from as small as necessary to as large as industry allows, 16’ wide banners by length of roll. We also have finishing capabilities as needed, by laminating or sewing. Not sure what to do for your next trade show? Give us a call at 773-847-6900 to speak with one of our professionals! Or visit our website at